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From one end of the Furneaux to the other

We had been hoping the wind would switch from the west to the south, to enable us to sail North from Preservation Island. But as often happens the SE was forecast to arrive in the middle of the night and Preservation is exposed in a southerly breeze. So to get some protection, we had to…

Eastern shores of Preservation Island

Sheltered at Preservation Island

If you ever wondered where the predominant wind comes from in the Furneaux, the answer is from the west and typically blowing at 25 to 30 knots. So for the past few days we have been sheltering at Preservation Island. We had a lively sail south, from Badger Island. Why south we hear you ask? Because…

Sunset over Mt Chappell Island, from Trousers Point

Rhythms of the Islands

Greg and Ann have only been with us for a couple of days but already they are getting a taste of the Bass Strait islands moods as well as the rhythms and routines on Take It Easy. They have experienced a hot still day when they arrived at Trousers Point, with its crystal clear, flat…

Fotheringate Beach, Flinders Island

Rendez-vous at Trousers Point

This is it, we are ready for our exciting rendez-vous with our friends Greg and Ann! We have provisioned Take It Easy and filled up the water tanks at Whitemark before the weather turned sour for a day. We have even cleared the spare cabin so our friends can actually get in there. The boat is now…

Purrfection in 56 knots

Furious Furneaux

They say you have not had a real adventure if you haven’t once wished you weren’t there during your cruise. Well we have had one hell of an adventure!

Take It Easy from the shore

Hiding in Paradise

A westerly gale has dominated these last few days, forcing us into hiding, and limiting our communication with the outside world. Despite this, it has been warm and sunny which makes things so much more pleasant.

Ornate Cowfish pursued by Wade - they don't swim very well but are very pretty!

Frolicking in the Furneaux

Our last few days in the Furneaux Group have been our idea of perfect cruising: warm, sunny weather, short brisk sails, beautiful anchorages with a mix of visiting an old favourite at Key Island Bay and discovering two new ones on Clarke Island: Rebecca and Moriarty Bays.