We were back on Take it Easy on the Melbourne Cup extra-long weekend to continue our boat maintenance marathon.  On the program: re-lining the cabin roof after the sail track leaks debacle, hand sanding the fiddly bits around the winches and other deck gear, undercoating, taping and painting. It sounds eminently doable in 5 days;…


One Photo Focus – November

It is the first week of November, and with it comes the Photo Processing Challenge called One Photo Focus, hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing.  This challenge is an interesting one as it involves participants working on a single photo and applying their digital dark room skills.


Grand Plan for our Summer 2016-17 Cruise

Our boat maintenance marathon is far from over, with the painting of the decks delayed by family matters, and our haul out scheduled in mid November. However we want to turn our attention to far more exciting things ahead and share with you our sailing plans for the Summer.


Finally on Instagram

Friend and art photographer Leanne Cole has finally convinced me to open an Instagram account and this last weekend I got a crash course in posting and scheduling on this platform. But it is not for every photo I take, just for Bird Photography.  

White Tern

Sad News

Two days ago, Wade’s Mum passed away. She had a very large stroke at the beginning of the week at the residential care home were she had been for the past four months.  She was taken to hospital in a coma.  Her Melbourne family spent the day at her bedside. She was not conscious, but was…