Shy albatross in flight

Life on the Wing – Article published

When Dynamic Range Editor, Leanne Cole, asked me to put an article together for the March issue of the photography magazine – no pressure, but we need the text before Christmas and the photos soon after – I knew there could only be one thing to do: assemble the best images of the Shy Albatross I…

Birds in Print

Bird photography is a favourite hobby.  Out and about, enjoying nature, observing and learning about different species… what’s there not to like!  But over the past few weeks bird related activities have intensified. Spurred along by various friends, I have been working on multiple projects.

What lurks under your hulls?

We are freshly back from France and haven’t plotted our next sail yet, but seeing our article published in Australian Multihull World is a great way to shift our focus from family matters to sailing and photography.  

For Nature’s Sake

There are times when photography and writing can team up for a cause. When photo magazine editor Leanne Cole asked me to put my thoughts about nature conservation and photography in writing, I took up the challenge.

Hooked on the Reef

As we are well into winter here and we long for warmer climes, the publication of our article “Hooked on the Reef” in the Australian Multihull World magazine is a welcome reminder of the wondrous time we had at the Reef last summer!