Red-tailed Black Cockatoo in flight

Birds Galore

While Wade and his brothers were having a boys’ weekend surfing, I decided to do my own thing: bird photography at Healesville Sanctuary, in the company of my friend Leanne Cole and at the Lake Borrie Wetlands.

Chryasora wurlerra jellyfish

Fire Water

Watch out! Another series of jellyfish images coming up! Four months ago, we found ourselves floating face down in the cool waters of Wilsons Promontory, gazing through our goggles at something totally magical: the Chrysaora wurlerra, a reddish jellyfish. A few were drifting around our boat, and we were fascinated by their beautiful shape, graceful flow and…

Ctenophore Bolinopsis

Spaceships in the Ocean

Our ocean holds secrets: the strangest alien forms, reminiscent of spaceships.  These gelatinous creatures are luminous, spreading waves of colour through their unpigmented body.  They are the ctenophores, or comb jellies, and are our latest discovery of the magical organisms that lurk under our hulls.

Unusual Jellyfish Encounter

Sometimes a simple weekend away turns out to be absolutely perfect.  We recently spent three days at Wilsons Promontory, inside Refuge Cove.  The weather was brilliant. We sailed slowly from Port Albert on the Friday morning and briskly back on the Sunday afternoon.  For three days we chose to stay put, having spider webbed ourselves…

Hiding again from the southerlies!

“Hide-dash-hide”seems to be our rhythm these days!  After our epic sail to Jervis Bay and a rest day while a weak southerly change passed, we did a dash to Moruya, 65 nautical miles further south when the northerly returned – only just for a day, mind you!

Sea Mammals Series – The Dugong

The last post in our Sea Mammals series is the elusive Dugong.  The name comes from the Malay “Duyong”, meaning “lady of the sea”.  Its slow and graceful swimming is possibly the inspiration for mariners’ tales of mermaids.  The common name for the Dugong is sea cow, no doubt because it grazes on the sea…