More exploring up the Hawkesbury

our last bush walk from Coasters Retreat in Pittwater gave us a taste for more exploring up the Hawkesbury. We motored to America Bay. It is peppered with club and private moorings but when are there mid week as we were, few yachts are around.

The walking guide described the walk to the waterfall overlooking America Bay as delightful in spring, and easy and flat. That is if you come from the West Head road at the top of the escarpment. However we started from America Bay, which meant a steep rock scramble to the top!

We accessed the head of the bay in Peasy, arriving at dead low tide. We had to anchor and wade in so the dinghy would not get damamged by the oyster covered rocks. Returning to the dinghy a few hours later meant Wade had to swim out to bring our charriot to the smooth rock slabs, so us ladies would not get wet!

We were looking a bit frazzled by the time we reached the cliff top, but although there was hardly any water of the waterfall, the views from it were stunning, especially with that nice cat in the middle of the bay.

We wandered further along the flat track where we saw more wildflowers and butterflies.

On our last day together we went out to sea, hoping Sue would get to see a few whales, but not luck. Instead on our return to Patonga, we watched sea eagles and whistling kites fishing. One kite even caught a fish and ate some of it on a nearby dinghy, before taking the leftovers to its nest in the norfolk pines!