Images of France: Rocamadour

A few days after our arrival in France from Australia, we drove with my Dad to the South of the country, where our family Christmas celebrations are taking place.  It is a long way from Normandie in the northwest to Toulouse in the southwest, so we made an overnight stop at the medieval village of…

Take It Easy at Yarra's Edge

Back at Yarra’s Edge

We were lucky. Just after publishing our last post, we got the go ahead from Yarra’s Edge Marina to moor in the same spot as we were in July, despite the fast flowing river and debris.

Twelve Days in the Bay

We came into Port Phillip Bay a little over two weeks earlier than expected, thus with time to kill. Port Phillip Bay is huge: 1930 km2 and the shores stretch roughly 264kms. It is actually a port area made up of over 16 bays. Having always moored our boat in the Gippsland Lakes, we have…

How is that Sea Change going?

We have been floating around now for over four months, the longest we have ever been on board non-stop. So how is it going, you ask? Well, it has been a period of adjustment, and probably a bit different to what we expected.

We are back!

Sharing a few days of cruising with friends is always a buzz for us, especially when they haven’t experienced a lot of it, as was the case with Trevor. Seeing him wild-eyed and excited about the experience was good fun. It reminded us of our lucky we are to live our sailing dream.

The clearest of waters

It is not often that we get to spend time on the Western side of Wilsons Promontory, so in the gorgeous easterly weather we have been having, we decided to linger here for a few days. From Oberon Bay, we explored the neighbouring beaches further north: Norman Bay, Leonards Bay, Tidal River and our favourite:…