The Big Splash

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a picture of our twin tub washing machine going overboard… Captain Spin McKnotty tried to cram a whole laundry load into the spin tub and fried the motor. Leave him in charge of the laundry operations and see where it gets us! No – This is a picture of 40 tons of blubber landing next to Take It Easy after doing a full body slam!


Early afternoon on Sunday we left Port Stephens and headed for an overnight stay at the nearby island of Broughton.  On the way we saw 3 or 4 Humpback Whales. You first see a blow in the distance and their back or fins. But then two decided to breach very cccclose on either side of the boat as we were sailing. “Which way do I go?” asked Wade as one cut right across our bows and launched itself clear out of the water on our port side. “Go right… oh no… there’s another one doing the same on that side too!” At this point I decided to sit down on the deck, camera in hand, fully expecting to lose my balance in the shock waves! “I am a bit scared now!” And they do something like that then disappear for a few minutes and you can hear the Jaws music playing very loudly!


It was the most astounding spectacle, but just a tad close. You see whales tail slapping and waving their flippers, often at a respectable distance, but witnessing their exuberant breaching right next to Take It Easy was very exciting. In my surprise and awe I did not get the clearest of shots of the bodies launching into the air, but you will get the idea of these amazing sightings.

Sunrise at Providence Beach was like a stairway to heaven. We enjoyed an early morning walk and saw lots of birds. We will make a proper stop on the way back down to fully appreciate this beautiful island. Something to look forward to!

Enjoy the gallery!